Inner Wheel – New Plymouth

Are you interested in getting involved in the community but not sure where to start??

Are you keen to meet new people and enjoy social activities and also give service to our community?

I met with Sue from Inner Wheel last week and she gave me an insight into the current local group. She explained that they have a good number of members and that they are looking at starting another for younger women – This is an exciting opportunity to become a founding member of a new group that has a sister organisation to help guide you.

This is an easy way to make friends by doing things together – something Inner Wheel has been doing for almost 100 years.

Use your skills to play a purposeful role in your community.

Do something fun and meaningful with a group who share similar passions.

Experience all that inner Wheel has to offer.

They care about their Members and create lifelong friendships.

Now more than ever we need to connect. 

By joining Inner Wheel, you become part of a women’s organisation with a long history of supporting each other and our communities.

There are 46 clubs in New Zealand and almost 4,000 clubs worldwide and representatives at the United Nations.

Key Message is:  “Strong women Stronger world”

The key thoughts that I have taken from this meeting are this is a group of women who:

So, if one or more of these looks interesting to you and you are looking for something extra to do to support your community then how good would that be to offer your time and meet new people and give back! 

So, if you are reading this and thinking - "I could do this!" then please register your interest by contacting Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on 06 758 8986, Ph/Text 022 571 4228 or E:, she is waiting to hear from you.


Here are some of the positions currently available:

Volunteering New Plymouth supports Not for Profit (For Purpose) community organisations / groups and clubs with volunteers.



  • Enrichment Programme Support (464)
  • Community Ambassador (430)
  • Trust Member (461)
  • Literacy Coach (429)
  • Kidsafe Technician (460)
  • Financial Mentors / Budget Advisors (428)
  • Awanui Angels (459)
  • Shop Volunteer (427)
  • Fundraising Assistant (458)
  • Cashier (426)
  • GirlGuiding NZ Unit Leader (450)
  • Warehouse Assistant (425)
  • Zero Waste Volunteer
  • Trademe Assistant (424)
  • Office Assistant (445)
  • Client Support (423)
  • Dress up – Mascot (443)
  • Support Volunteer (420)
  • Disaster Response Team Member (440)
  • Meet & Greet Volunteer (419)
  • Meals on Wheels New Plymouth (439)
  • Special Olympics Supervisor / Coach role (417)
  • Car Cleaner – Groomer (436)
  • Breakfast Club Helpers (413)
  • Gardener (435)
  • Youth Mentors (412)
  • Set Up Play Area Assistant (434)
  • Hospitality support (409)
  • Committee Member (433)
  • Handy Person (408)
  • Community Education Tutor (432)
  • Grants Specialist (407)
  • Phone call Superstar (431)
  • Bric A Brac Sorter (403)


  • Music & Dance Workshop volunteer (401)


These are a selection of roles that we have for a variety of organisations – so if one or more of these looks interesting to you and you are looking for something extra to do to support your community then how good would that be to offer your time and meet new people and give back! 

So, if you are reading this and thinking - "I could do this!" then please register your interest by contacting Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on Ph: 06 758 8986, Mob/Txt: 022 571 4228 or E:;  she is waiting to hear from you.


Administration Support plus more

Currently there is a need for Administration support for a couple of Community Organisations registered with Volunteering New Plymouth.  –  We support community organisations / groups to recruit volunteers to enable them to continue their amazing work within the community.

Both roles are with organisations that have offices that are available to give someone that foot in the door to gain experience in an office – this may be someone who has recently completed their formal education and looking for their first role in an office or it could be someone who has retired and is looking to keep their hand in and have just a few hours with no pressure or responsibility. This could be for just a few – like 2 to 4 hours once a week or more if that peaks your interest.

Admin responsibilities would include typing, answering phone calls, photocopying, filing cataloguing and some other small administration tasks.

I am sure that this would be the perfect opportunity for a person looking for a small administration type role and who is keen to support one of our community organisations. It is possible that this could be an opportunity for more than one person to do a few hours. So, if you have as few hours a week available, please consider this great chance to help.

How good would that be!  So, if you are reading this and thinking - "I could do this!" then please register your interest by contacting Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on 06 758 8986, Email: or Ph/Text 022 571 4228.

She is waiting to hear from you.


Awanui Angels

Volunteers for what, you ask??

We would like to give back to the community by helping keep Awanui Cemetery in tip-top condition. We are looking for some Angels who are interested in looking to help support the Council staff by doing some of the tasks that are not part of their everyday duties.

This project will be very different to the volunteer work done at Te Henui Cemetery as Awanui is a limited-lawn cemetery. We’d like volunteers for year-round weeding, trimming, deadheading, pruning, plant maintenance and if there is a group who would like to become involved, then perhaps mulching, planting & dividing, and transplanting plants.

We will have specific areas that we are working on only - currently the Angels meet once a month on a Wednesday (weather dependent) during Autumn / Winter and in Spring/ Summer twice a month also on a Wednesday. The number of hours per session are between 2 and 4 depending on the numbers and who is available. The current team are hoping to have a few younger people will join them as it can be a little hard on the backs if you are not young.  Do you know anyone who would be keen to help on an occasional basis – not on a regular basis – that would be good too – and really helpful.

There will be site safety processes and an induction for each event.  We are looking for all of you who are interested in being part of this project and particularly people with horticultural knowledge, it is not vital that you have this knowledge, however.
We have an awesome Project Lead for this project, and she would appreciate another person being with her to be available if she wants to go away from time to time.

This has been a project for almost one year now and the volunteers who are involved would love to have others join them to increase what they are able to achieve. Because this is relatively new, we will work with all those who offer their time and try and make it work for everyone and ensure that we are able to work with NPDC staff who enable this unique project to happen.

For all new volunteers we will have a first meeting onsite with Council staff to inspect the site and the areas we will be working on. No date is confirmed yet as that’s dependent on those of you who put your hand up and what day would best suit. It does need to be during the working week Monday – Friday, however.

Those who are interested in being part of this Awanui Angels Project: it is preferable that you bring your own hand tools – due to Health & Safety there will be no power tools or spraying allowed by volunteers.

If you are interested in looking into this further please give Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth a call on 06 758 8986 or Ph/Text 022 571 4228 or email  so that she can help you get started.


KidSafe Taranaki Trust – Technicians

KidSafe Taranaki is a charitable trust formed in 1994 to reduce unintentional injuries to children/tamariki in Taranaki.

Trust membership currently includes Taranaki District Health Board, ACC, Plunket, Tui Ora, New Plymouth District Council and community volunteers.

KidSafe is also a partner in the New Plymouth injury Safe (NPiS) Trust which is responsible for New Plymouth District’s International Safe Community accreditation programme.

KidSafe uses local child injury data to plan and co-ordinate community projects on priority injury issues

GOAL: Reduce the incidence and severity of unintentional injuries to children/tamariki in Taranaki.


**To raise community awareness about the incidence, severity, causes, costs and preventative strategies associated with unintentional injuries 

**To identify priority areas for the reduction of child unintentional injuries

** To undertake intervention activities to reduce the incidence and severity of unintentional injuries to children

**To liaise with and support other agencies/initiatives with similar objectives both locally and nationally

** To undertake the above objectives in a manner that is appropriate to the cultures in our community.

There are many activities that they facilitate within the Community they include continuing to support and facilitate Hapu Wananga falls prevention korero to whanau who are hapu (with child). Hapū wananga within Taranaki continues to be active and present actively engaging both North and South Taranaki whānau.

Currently we are working to support the recruitment of new technicians to relieve the amazing Gabrielle and her team of volunteers and add to the pool of people free to be able to attend the clinics that are held on a rotation of monthly in each centre. It would be fantastic if we were able to have volunteers who could be available in each of the five centres – so it would be a shift once a month.

So, are you interested in the safety of your children or grandchildren or perhaps your nieces of nephews and or interested in supporting this great and much needed service? Do you have a few hours a week or a month that you could spare to help ensure that children/tamariki who are near and dear to you and riding around in cars are protected?

KidSafe Taranaki provides an amazing service to our community by offering a safety check of children’s car seats. This is a FREE service - NO APPOINTMENTS NEEDED. They are in the following areas:

KidSafe car seat clinics held around the Mounga: 

1st Thursday of every month

New Plymouth 9am – 12 pm

Bell Block  1.30pm – 3.30pm


2nd Thursday of every month

Stratford 10am – 12 pm

Hawera 1.30pm – 3.30pm


3rd Thursday of every month

Waitara 10am – 12pm


So if these voluntary positions sound like something that you would like more information about and if you think you may like to check one or more of these opportunities out then please contact Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on 06 758 8986, M: 022 571 4228 or email  to take that next step, and discuss with her your skills and the potential options, she is keen to hear from you.



We have three community organisations that are looking for volunteers to fill the above positions.  Each role is slightly different. 

The main requirement for two of the organisations will require approx. 1 – 2 hours per week and this may be able to be reduced when the right person becomes familiar with the requirements, or it could be that one person could do the role for both organisations. 

One of the tasks will be logging into the pay role and setting up the wages, as well, they will need to prepare a monthly report and if possible be available to attend the monthly meeting, have some knowledge of paying accounts and be able to use an Excel Spreadsheet.

Support from the current volunteer will be available for the new person

If you have started a course and are looking to gain work experience – this could be a great way to gain that.

If these voluntary positions sound like something that you would like more information about. and if you think you may like to check one or more of these opportunities out then please contact Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on Ph 06 758 8986, Mob/Text 022 571 4228 or email  to take that next step, and discuss with her your skills and the potential options, she is keen to hear from you.


NZ Blood Service Support Volunteers

NZ Blood Service is the SOLE provider of blood products to hospitals in New Zealand.

(NZBS) is excited to launch an additional mobile blood drive team to service Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawke’s Bay, Taranaki, and Franklin area’s that will more than double the opportunities to donate and the frequency of visits by the Service in these areas.

“We are thrilled to be adding additional mobile blood drives to these regions.  We know the need for blood and plasma are constant, and demand in New Zealand for these lifesaving products will keep growing.  With the additional mobile blood drives, we have the opportunity to recruit more people to join our amazing donor community,” says Doug Gallagher, Director of Donor Services – New Zealand Blood Service. “Across New Zealand nearly 50% of all whole blood donations are donated via a mobile blood drive. It is a safe and easy way to collect blood in many parts of the country.” 

The additional mobile blood drive team, which is based out of the NZBS’s Hamilton Donor Centre, will be part of a service that visits key areas across the central North Island. The mobile drive will be visiting New Plymouth, Napier, Rotorua, and Pukekohe each on a monthly basis. All of these locations have been carefully chosen based on logistical, resource, and population factors, including current donor numbers and potential future growth in the areas.

Donors in these areas, existing and new, will have more appointment options, making it easier for them to donate regularly. With over 30,000 Kiwis needing lifesaving blood, plasma, and platelets each year, every donation counts.

Selecting the ideal region to add additional mobile blood drives has not been an easy one. As Doug explains, “while we would like to visit as many towns in New Zealand as possible, the reality is there are a lot of factors to consider to make these mobile blood drives viable. We need to know that the areas we choose can support a monthly blood drive and we also need to consider how we can efficiently get the blood collected back to one of our processing laboratories.”

NZBS needs to collect over 4,000 donations every week nationally, however less than 4% of the eligible adult population currently donate.

One blood donation can be separated into three components for transfusion–red blood cells, plasma and platelets– which can save up to three lives.

Volunteers are an integral part of NZBS and they help to enhance the experience of donating blood by providing each and every blood donor with excellent customer service. And are counted on to contribute towards making the experience of donating blood an exceptional and positive one.

Working as a volunteer for NZBS will give you a sense of belonging, pride and satisfaction as you assist in providing an essential community service.

NZBS are seeking volunteers from a cross section of the local community to help out when the mobile service is here in New Plymouth

If you have some spare time we would appreciate your help. Time commitment is  maximum of 3 - 4 hours per shift and if enough people sign up then a roster with be developed so that you can confirm your times well in advance.

Due to this being within the Health sector there is a requirement for volunteers to be both Police Check and Fully Vaccinated.

Come help us save lives

Please register your interest by contacting Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on  06 758 8986; Ph / Txt 022 571 4228 or email


Volunteer Visitors - South Taranaki Area

Age Concern is a charitable organisation dedicated solely to people over 65. Their mission is to promote the dignity, wellbeing, equity and respect of our elderly community, and provide expert information and support services in response to older people's needs.

Thankfully, the majority of older people are not severely lonely, but findings from The Social Report 2016 showed that 10% of New Zealanders aged 65-74, and 13% of those aged over 75, feel lonely all, most, or some of the time. We know social connection is so important though; research has found that having inadequate social relationships can be as bad for health as smoking, and that loneliness is linked to an increased likelihood of entering rest home care. This is why Volunteer Accredited Visitors and the time they dedicate to older people is so valuable.

Age Concern Taranaki are looking for caring volunteers who can commit to visiting an older person regularly, usually requiring 1-2 hours per week.

The Accredited Visiting Service coordinator will match a volunteer with an older person who shares similar interests, who they can share stories or do activities with, while enjoying each other’s company. Current volunteers have said that they enjoy the opportunity to get to know their older person, and that they benefit and learn from the experience too.

This role involves face-to-face visits with the understanding that if you or your older person feel uncomfortable with in-person visiting at any time, you may switch to phone calls or zoom/facetime communication (depending on the recipient’s ability).

There are protocols for in-person visits and of course, do not visit if you are unwell.  These will be explained during the orientation training session.

Volunteers will need to undergo an interview and police vetting (which can take up to 6 weeks) so we are seeking registrations of interest now.

Following an interview and police check, if you are accepted to the service, you will be given orientation training and then matched with an older person. Once you have visited for six months you will receive your visitor accreditation. 

If you have a warm and friendly manner and enjoy spending time with older people, please contact Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on 06 758 8986, Ph/Txt 022 571 4228 or email , so that she can register your interest to help.

Call today to join the local volunteer visitor team and make a real difference in someone’s life.  Wendy is waiting to hear from you.


Autism Connex is local and has many local well-known families involved. They are an awesome team of people who are involved mainly originally because they saw a need in our community for people like themselves who have young people who are living with ASD.

The mission of the organisation is to support, empower, and celebrate families on the journey. The vision is to extend existing services and provide an Autism care centre based in New Plymouth.

Autism Connex is all about CONNECTING with families, families who have children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) doing life together. They aim to create an environment where parents are celebrated. A place where children of all ages are happy, safe and where all behaviours are accepted.

Autism Connex get together monthly and it is a time where families are celebrated, supported and encouraged.  Currently this is held in the Fred Tucker Hall 130 Parklands Ave, Bell Block monthly on a Saturday afternoon between 2 – 4pm.

Volunteers are required to help set up the quiet room and the general play area prior to this or set us the parent room (where afternoon tea is provided to the family in a beautiful relaxing, friendly environment which is an open and safe space for adults to share openly and gather knowledge from others on a similar journey. This is a free and fun event held for families who have lived experience with Autism

There is also an opportunity to be part of the afternoon where you could assist with the supervision of the play areas. There are three areas – as there is also an outdoors area (on fine days)

Volunteers are key to providing a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for families. They would really appreciate your time – any time that you have available to support this amazing group

The monthly Autism Connex Family Day is growing and growing. To keep things operating smoothly, they are on the lookout for individuals with a heart for people and our community, who are willing to jump on board and serve with the current incredible volunteer team

The group is growing steadily, with more than 80 families currently registered.

New people are welcome and there are no judgements of behaviours as they believe in “encouraging and supporting you wherever you are in your journey”. They have a safe, non judgemental environment for children of all ages and capabilities.

They are passionate about supporting more families, and are fundraising for a purpose-built facility


They are particularly on the lookout for:
**         People willing and able to help prepare and set up afternoon tea (we provide a fully equipped kitchen to serve & all the food).
**         People who love working alongside children with disabilities and complex needs, particularly autism.

**         People who can commit to being rostered on once a month

If you are not sure but want to just check it out first then contact Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on 06 758 8986, text / phone  022 571 4228 or email  she will be delighted to hear from you and help you take the next step

Also Check out the Autism Connex Facebook page for event information, support, and celebration.


Seasons for Growth  - Companion Volunteers

The Seasons for Growth Program (grief and loss education and support) runs education programs to support 6–18-year-olds who have experienced a loss or change in their family through death, parental separation or divorce, migration, imprisonment, fostering, relationship break-down or any similar significant change.  

Small groups of 3-6 participants, facilitated by screened, trained and police vetted adult volunteers, known as Companions, meet once a week, for an hour, for 8 weeks, for activities and discussion on topics including change, feelings, personal stories, and self-care.

Groups run throughout Taranaki each school term and the region is currently recruiting volunteers to train as Companions for 2023.

Important personal attributes include:

Training is being planned to run over two days on a Friday – Saturday or Saturday – Sunday in March / April (dependent on Volunteers) and is the Children’s and Young Peoples Programme.

Groups run throughout Taranaki during each school term and in 2022 there were 190 youngsters & parents participated in a group somewhere in the province.

If you are curious to learn more and /or you are interested in becoming a Companion please contact Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on 06 758 8986, email: or Phone / Text 022 571 4228 to take the next step.


Taranaki Toy Library Trust is a member of the Toy Library Federation of New Zealand that actively promote play as being essential to the educational, physical, psychological, social, and cultural development of children. The local library is situated in Fitzroy and is run by a couple of coordinators with the help of permanent session helpers and some parents who help occasionally, alongside a committee and trustees. Who are dedicated to promoting play, playthings and playful interaction to children in our local community. It is a place where there is access to over 1700 quality toys that can be borrowed on a regular basis by the members at minimal cost. This is a lovely environment with other good people who are interested in helping our little people have a variety of play options without the great capital outlay and better for our environment.

You could be a fit retiree, stay at home parent who would like to stay connected to the workforce and have some baby-free time while supporting our community or anything else!

As a permanent helper, you will mainly be checking the returned toys. This role involves confident reading and counting, good customer service skills together with attention to detail and of course you will enjoy being around children. Computer literacy would be a bonus but not essential.

All training is provided and a super friendly team of 8 other long-term helpers – Lots of the regular helpers stay for years (Regular volunteers are considered for an honorary membership to borrow toys after helping for a while).

To find out more and start the conversation then I would encourage you to contact Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth  on 06 758 8986, or phone or text 022 571 4228 or email so that she can register your interest to help.


Taranaki Cathedral Gardener

Taranaki Cathedral – Church of St Mary’s New Plymouth. This is a very well know historic site with much happening in the grounds. However, the grounds around the historic church building and the cemetery / urupā are being maintained as usual. This is not a role that requires hard landscaper skills, but general gardening interest.

If you know a plant from a weed and have some spare time on either the 1st or 3rd Wednesday morning, or both, consider joining the gardening group.  

Or if those times don't suit, we would still love to have you on board. 

A basic idea of gardening.  Good level of physical ability. Commitment and enthusiasm.

Able to show initiative re gardening work and good communication is appreciated; together with an understanding and appreciation for working alongside others

If you would like to know more and or like to meet someone to talk about the possibilities / or put your name forward please contact Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on 06 758 8986, email: or Phone / Text 022 571 4228 so that she can put you on the list of interested potential volunteers.


Waitara & New Plymouth Community Micro Volunteering

Have you ever thought about volunteering?

Do you know how to start or where to start?

Do you have some time that you could offer a community group?

Do you have a few hours a week or a fortnight or even a month?

Do you just want to check out something without committing?

CAN YOU HELP?  Currently we have several Organisations that are looking for people to help for various activities - it might be that they are looking for someone to help once a month for a couple of hours. There are also some events that are a one off - that we would love to have you on our Volunteer list to contact when we get a call at short notice.

Benefits of Volunteering

1) Connects you to others - one of the best ways to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships is to commit to a shared activity.

2) Is good for your mind and body - helps counteract the effects of stress, anger and anxiety. Can combat depression and increase confidence and make you happy.

3) Can advance your career - you can try out a new careers without making a long term commitment

4) Brings fun and fulfillment to your life - this is an easy way to explore your interests and passions.

There are many roles that do not require specific skills prior to starting; in fact, the most valuable assets that you can bring to any volunteer effort are compassion, an open mind, a willingness to pitch in wherever needed and a positive attitude.

If you have always thought of volunteering but were afraid to, because you wanted to have flexibility to visit family, travel, study, or work - think about looking at bite size volunteering - this is the way volunteering is evolving.

There is now also micro volunteering - yes that is even smaller than bite size and that can be something like writing Christmas cards for the lonely or responding to a survey.

Do any of these sound like something that you would like to dip your toes into and look at?  Or a little daunting, or an exciting opportunity?

If you would like to know more and or like to meet someone to talk about the possibilities / or put your name forward please contact Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on 06 758 8986, Email: or Phone / Text 022 571 4228 so that she can put you on the list of interested potential volunteers.


Taranaki Cancer Society: Hawera Volunteer Receptionist Positions

The Taranaki Cancer Society provides leadership and advocacy in health promotion, support, information and research.  The Society has been operating in Taranaki for the past 80 years in a modern, eco-friendly centre in New Plymouth and now in an office in Hawera.    They are looking for several receptionists to support the staff in the Hawera office. You can volunteer for a morning a week or fortnightly or talk about your availability to support the great service that is being offered.

Cancer is now the leading cause of death in New Zealand. As we grow older, the likelihood of developing cancer increases.

Each year in Taranaki, there are over 600 people diagnosed with cancer. 

Every day the team at Cancer Society help people with any cancer, their families, whanau and friends to deal with a cancer diagnosis. They advocate for cancer patients, provide a voice on all kinds of issues, including cancer prevention, screening, early detection and treatment as well as supporting people during treatment.

This is done through the wide range of core services in supportive care, information and local support groups and connecting people online. They also develop and run community health promotion and cancer prevention programmes to keep people informed.

Purpose of this Receptionist Role:

The work is usually performed at the front office desk to receive and greet any visitors, and patients, and to answer telephone calls. However, there will be other tasks throughout the centre.

Expected results:

To have volunteers covering our reception during all office hours. – shifts are available for a morning or afternoon shift Tuesday to Thursday – opening hours are 10am to 3pm So if you have a morning or an afternoon available once a week or if you would like to be the person who they contact if they are needing someone to fill in, that would also be great.

Specific skills/education required:

Are you Positive and friendly with an outgoing nature?

Are you able to maintain confidentiality? 

Are you a team worker who is calm and confident?

Are you also honest, trustworthy, reliable and punctual?

Are you someone who is Computer literate with key board skills?


If you just want to get out and about to enjoy the company of some great people and help the community at the same time and this sound like something you would like to do? Then please contact Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on 06758 8986 / 022 571 4228 or

email  She is keen to hear from you.


GIRLGUIDING NZ Taranaki - Leadership Opportunity

Here is an absolutely fabulous opportunity for fun loving, artistic or sporty volunteers from all backgrounds of life and with skills to share, to step up and become Leaders for Girl Guiding Taranaki.

Are you passionate about providing girls and young women opportunities to build resilience, confidence and a strong sense of identity?  Are you available for one of the following:

Inglewood Thursdays 6.30pm-8.30pm for Guides

Merrilands (New Plymouth)- Thursdays 3.30pm- 4.30pm for Pippins, 4.45pm-6.15pm for Brownies, 6.30pm-8.30pm for Guides or 7.30pm-9pm for Rangers

Westown (New Plymouth)- Wednesday 6.30pm-8.30pm for Guides.

These are all during term time only.

Then read on…

We want more good people to come and do great things with us. Join our passionate and supportive team in a well-established, long-standing organisation with growth potential.

We love what we do which is why we work so hard to ensure that we provide great opportunities for our girls.  In this volunteer role you will be a part of a team who provide a fun, challenging and exciting programme which enables girls to achieve the awards in the girl programme and meet the mission and vision of the organisation. 

You will also help facilitate opportunities for girls to contribute to the planning of future programmes and activities and ensure that there is a strong girl voice in the unit and that girls are heard and listened to. 

Contribute to a respectful culture in the unit with regard to leading girls and appreciating their individuality. Participate in the successful planning and delivery of local team events and activities. 

Communicate effectively with parents regarding the programme, their daughter’s achievements, and opportunities for their involvement with activities.

Join a community of passionate volunteers across New Zealand. Full training and ongoing support provided.   

To find out more and start the conversation then I would encourage you to contact Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth  on 06 758 8986 or phone / text 022 571 4228 or email so that she can register your interest to help and get ready for next year.


New Plymouth Community Patrol

What an awesome team. They were one of 4 teams recognised at Volunteering New Plymouth Annual Volunteer Recognition Awards for Outstanding Volunteer Contributions to the local Community in 2018

New Plymouth Community Patrol (NPCP) is one of 150 community patrols throughout New Zealand affiliated to the Community Patrols of New Zealand (CPNZ) and has been operating since 2010.

The Community Patrols are organised and operated locally and are funded through local grants, sponsorship, and donations. They work closely with and are hugely respected by the Police and are 'the extra eyes and ears' that assist the Police and other agencies to build a safer community for us all. They are independent from the Police, but receive regular Police guidance, training, and tasking.

This award-winning team is looking to add new volunteer members, so that they have more people to cover the rostered shifts. There is great training and support, and you are always paired up to go out on patrol. There are shifts during the day and in the evening and weekends too - so there are options for you to time your volunteering around your lifestyle. This can be a steppingstone into joining the Police - it can give you an insight into how and why prevention works. It can also be a rewarding activity if you have life experience and want to give back.

If you think you have what it will take to join the team or just want to learn more, please feel free to contact Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on 06 758 8986, email: or phone / text 022 571 4228 to learn more. 


Meals on Wheels:

New Zealand Red Cross – Taranaki Branch:

New Zealand Red Cross delivers over 15,000 meals on wheels to the house-bound and elderly throughout New Plymouth District every year.  This number has continued to increase over the last few years and with the recent retirement of some of the long serving volunteers it means that there is an urgent need for new volunteer drivers for this essential service.

The Inglewood Branch has around 20 drivers that deliver meals five days a week.  Not only does the service provide a nourishing meal for their clients but the volunteer drivers provide many of the recipients with the security of knowing they will have some daily contact with others, which many of them lack. 

You do not need to make a large commitment as you will be put on a rooster that suits the time you have available. Generally, you have the roster for a month - 1 day (the same day) per week the start time for this service is 11.30am and usually takes till approximately 12.30pm depending on the number of meals being delivered. Inglewood is quite small, so it does not take too long to deliver to all those receiving these meals.  If there are a couple of you one can drive and the other can deliver and it takes less time of course.

If you have always thought about volunteering - but thought that you couldn't because you were travelling a lot or have the grandchildren or you have children, and they are at school, and you have a couple of hours in the middle of the day to spare and would like to help - this could be that opportunity. It could be for just 4 – 5 hours every couple of months or even on the emergency drivers list.  Drivers are reimbursed at a set rate per meal to assist with costs. 

There is a requirement for a Police Check for these roles and this does take several weeks to process and be returned - so if you are not available immediately and you are interested in helping out with this rewarding role or if you are curious to learn more please contact Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on 06 758 8986, email: or phone or text 022 571 4228  to have a conversation about options and start the process. She is waiting for your call.


Social Media Support

Our community organisations / groups are needing to be more social media aware and many of us are in the older age bracket and have dabbled in Facebook and perhaps a little on Instagram or LinkedIn – however to be able to effectively provide the ever-changing social media coverage that we need to offer our community we are seeking help.

In my meetings with the many Organisations/ groups that we are working with I am frequently asked for someone who can help with social media and all the different aspects of this media

We at Volunteering New Plymouth would love to have a person who is available to support us to increase our social media presence, to establish a media plan to support our current small postings and to help us increase our reach of options in an ongoing and sustainable way.

Currently we are active on Facebook and have a twitter account (not active). We are interested learning more about how we can make best and most effective use of both these media and investigate other media to be effective in getting the volunteering message out to a variety of potential volunteers.  

The above role will require only a few hours a week/month and is flexible.

Also I have a couple of organisations in need of people with any of the following

knowledge / skills -: 

Parts of these can be done from home and are flexible; while others need you to be working at the organisation for part of the time and / or have preferred hours and days – due to staff availability.

If you think you may like to check one or more of these opportunities out then please contact Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on 06 758 8986, text / phone mobile 022 571 4228 or email  to take that next step, and discuss with her your skills and the potential options, she is keen to hear from you.


Citizens Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau is a branch of a national organisation Citizens Advice Bureau New Zealand (CABNZ), This organisation is dedicated to providing all members of our New Zealand community with independent help and support on any matter that they may require.

The aims of CABNZ are to:

1) Ensure that individuals do not suffer through ignorance of their rights and responsibilities, or of the services available, or through an inability to express their needs effectively. 

2) Exert a responsible influence on the development of social policies and services, both locally and nationally.

To achieve these aims CAB offer accurate, comprehensive and up to date information, advice and advocacy that is free, confidential and impartial.

New Plymouth CAB branch is open from 9.30am – 3.30pm Monday through Friday and is staffed by trained volunteers. There are 10 shifts per week which are from 9.30am – 12.30pm and 12.30pm – 3.30pm and two volunteers (Bureau members) are rostered on each shift. The Bureau offers a free legal service one night per week, usually a Monday and usually from 7.15 – 9pm and one Bureau member is rostered to assist the duty solicitor on this night.

To become a Bureau member it does require commitment, there is a requirement to perform a duty once a fortnight, and in general a commitment of approximately 10 – 15 hours per month is needed. This includes assisting with the day to day running of the Bureau and participating on at least one of the teams which could consist of organising information resources, maintaining the information systems and other technology, organising social gatherings, giving talks to other community groups, publicity or learning and development.  Monthly learning and development sessions are held every third Wednesday 12.30pm – 2pm and a volunteer must attend 7 out of 10 per year. There is flexibility in all this, and you are able to select your own shifts to fit with your lifestyle. So, if you think, I would like to do that but I am wanting to travel for a few weeks or months and / or want to spend time with family (and don’t want to let people down or have to get someone to take my roster) this could be the perfect role for you as there is the ability to be rostered out of those times.

There is a process of Police check and signing a declaration of confidentiality to be completed and once accepted there is an induction period and the observation sessions then after successfully completing these key steps there is a probation period and finally Accreditation and Volunteer Certificate is awarded.

When asked about their experience as a volunteer some comments have been:

“it’s the fact that no two days are the same”

“it’s incredibly rewarding being a CAB volunteer”

“On any given day, we could be asked about anything under the sun - from tenancy rights, locating a support group or having documents signed by a JP”

“We work alongside our clients with the aim of empowering them.”

“We have a great team of well-trained volunteers,”

“We’ve all learned lots of skills”

“It’s also great just to be actively involved in our community, using our knowledge and experience to help people and having a bit of a laugh together sometimes as well.”

The friendly people at the Bureau are extending an invitation to prospective volunteers to go along and spend some time in the office to see how it all works, so if you would like to visit and find out more about the role CAB and the Bureau members play in our community then please contact Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on 06 758 8986, email: or Phone/Text 022 571 4228 so that we can arrange for your visit.



The KickStart Breakfast Programme is operated by Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited (“Fonterra”) in partnership with New Zealand Health Association Limited trading as Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing Company and The Ministry of Social Development together. “The Partners“

2009 KickStart Breakfast launched in 200 decile 1-4 schools in term one.

The programme provided fresh AnchorTM Mega milk & Sanitarium Weet-BixTM

2019 Celebrated three huge milestones! •

** Welcomed our 1000th school to the programme •

** Serve our 30 millionth breakfast •

** KickStart Breakfast celebrated 10 years

2022 engagement 

** Have served more than 50 million breakfasts

** More than 42,000 children / tamariki & rangatahi have breakfast every school day

** Welcomed almost 1400 schools to the programme

** Over 2,000 volunteers support these breakfast clubs

KickStart Breakfast is a community partnership initiative helping tamariki achieve their best by getting a kickstart to their day. KickStart Breakfast provides kai and guidance to help schools to run a successful, sustainable breakfast club to meet their needs.

There are several schools within the north Taranaki district that are currently involved in this programme and other that are looking to start in the next couple of terms.

We are putting out a request for people who may be interested in looking to support their local school in this programme.

Schools report a variety of benefits to children participating in KickStart Breakfast

*: Improvement in class concentration levels

*  Improvement in general health and well being

*  Improvement in children‘s behaviour

*  Building positive relationships with peers and teacher

This programme is an awesome support to our schools to help our little people start the day with full tummies and energy to be open to learning. This is why we are looking to find more volunteers for all areas of our New Plymouth district. If you are interested in offering a few hours per school term week to support this awesome programme – we are looking to support a school near you.

We are working with the KickStart Breakfast Relationship Manager to support this – so there are more schools coming on board all the time – so if it is not right for you right now – but you could be interested in the future; think about giving us a call or sending a message to indicate your interest and we can update you as things change. If you want to know more you can also check out their website 

If you are curious to learn more and / or interested in becoming a volunteer then please don’t hesitate - contact Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on 06 7588-986, email: or phone or text 022 571 4228 to take the next step.


ASCOT Day Centre Volunteers

ASCOT Day Centre at Te Maru Village is a homely, friendly, fun-filled activity centre for older adults who still enjoy personal independence in their own homes but find it difficult to get out and about on their own. It is in the Hurdon area of New Plymouth and on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10.30am till 3pm you will find small groups gathered enjoying programmes that are organized by their lovely co-ordinators; with input from the attendees.  Each day there can be a different group of attendees and their ages vary from the very young early sixties and range up to the late nineties. They are a great mix of older folk who enjoy being part of a very welcoming centre.

Volunteers are vital to the service and the Centre is putting out an invitation, to people who are interested in enjoying the company of some of our Communities' treasures, to come along and assist with the activities on these days.  As well as being willing to be involved with the planned activities you would assist with the serving of morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea and the clean up after each activity. Volunteer hours are from 10 am to 3.30pm but can be flexible to suit the time volunteers have available. 

If you have a few hours available on one or more of the days, the staff will welcome your help, it can be for a few hours one day a week or fortnight if that is what you have available or more you have more to give. Our volunteers need to be reliable and have a sense of humour that matches the day centre attendees. 

If this sounds like the opportunity that you have been waiting for then call Wendy at Volunteering New Plymouth on 06 758 8986; Ph/Text 022 571 4228 or email