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Volunteering New Plymouth promotes and recognises the importance of volunteers and volunteering within our community. We do this by being a single point of contact for the recruitment and training of volunteers, the promotion of good practice in volunteer management and the recognition of the contribution of volunteers to the community. We aim to help organisations recruit and retain volunteers and we support existing volunteers through free or low-cost training in order to increase their efficiency, effectiveness and capacity.

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Volunteer Recognition Awards 2020

We invite you to nominate that extra special volunteer/s from your organisation who you would like to see acknowledged in 2020

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Our organisation is involved with reintegration of people in the community after release from prison. We also work with families of people in prison, Our volunteers are involved with work in the court system and probation service.


1 hour monthly meeting and 1-2 hours during the month.

Skill requirements

Person who has accounting experience and able to prepare annual accounts for review.

Personality requirements

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Events and Workshops

Volunteering New Plymouth runs a number of events and workshops to support the not for profit sector.

These include Volunteer Awareness Week activities, our annual Volunteer Awards, volunteer managers' recognition events, volunteer 'speed dating' and the volunteers barbeque traditionally held in December.

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