About us

Volunteering New Plymouth was established in 2002.
The main purpose of Volunteering New Plymouth is to assist ‘not for profit’ community groups in recruiting and retaining volunteers and to offer ongoing support to all community organisations and their volunteers. To do this we offer our service as a contact point for all volunteers and community agencies. We provide information about opportunities for volunteering, we raise community awareness of the importance of the work that is undertaken by volunteers, we organise recognition awards, we advocate on behalf of volunteers and community organisations at a local and national level and we provide a channel where resources can be shared, particularly in the training of volunteers and their coordinators/managers. We aim to help organisations recruit and retain volunteers and we support existing volunteers through free or low-cost training in order to increase their efficiency, effectiveness and capacity.

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Events and Trainings

Volunteering New Plymouth runs a number of events and trainings to support the not for profit sector. These include Volunteer Awareness Week activities, our annual Volunteer Recognition Awards, Volunteer Managers' recognition events, Volunteer 'snap shots' and the Volunteers Thank You event.

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Latest roles

Cafe Volunteer

Ref: #00560

Help in a busy Church Community Cafe as often as you want from 7.30am till 10am Tuesdays only. Looking for waiting, setting up and clearing table volunteers too.

ASCOT Assistant

Ref: #00559

Volunteers would assist with the serving of morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and help cleaning up after each meal, this includes wiping tables and vacuum. Volunteers would be able to help during the recreation program if wanted, such as playing bingo, target, physical games, and exercises. Volunteer’s hours are Tuesday's and alternate Friday's from 10am to 1pm but can be flexible to suit the time you have available. Welcome to stay on to help with afternoon activities

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